Thursday, October 27, 2011

tears of damn disappointed

THANX.....1st word wanna say to u...u're juz da same as others dude!!!xyh nk xplain pape o bg alsan pape such reason 4 wut u've done... who r they 2 u??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did u need 2 hide anything from them? especially regarding da matter of us!!?? at least dia 2 xda nk hide all those thing cm ape yg u ngh wat rite now k..he will surely let me know even bnda 2 might hurt i! compare 2 u,i've know it myself!!!!! n u da 1 who pretending nice behind a piece of shit!!!!!!! 

p/s: thanx...there's no need 2 explain neither say any word to me!!

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